2009 Brazil Missions Report

Dear Friends,

Team 2009 from the USA

This trip to Brazil was once again like no other.  Yes, we did preach in the churches, but no schools, no prisons, no radio, just pure street/neighborhood, door to door evangelism in some very tough and poor communities.

I was a team leader and was assigned to work with a church of some beautiful Christian men and women.  They were anxious to evangelize and their pastor Wilson, was great too!

Our typical day:

  • 6:00  Rise and eat breakfast
  • 7:00  Team devotions
  • 8:30  Hit the streets
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 1:00  Back to the streets
  • 5:00  Dinner
  • 7:00  Church preaching
  • 10:00  Back to the hotel

My job as leader was to access a daily new rotation of team members and divide them into 2 teams.  We combined with the locals from the church whose area we were in and hit the streets.  Dangerous areas rampant with drugs, alcohol and poverty, were our ministry assignments.  One didn’t show money, cameras, etc.   Before the week was over we had bonded into a terrific team of greeters, ice-breakers, evangelists, interpreters and prayer warriors.

From fear to FAITH!

The days were long and draining but God worked in some of the most dramatic ways I have ever been a part of.  Every day we saw people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus!

Like anywhere, satan and sin have taken a toll.  Death, destruction, broken families, broken lives and hopelessness are everywhere.  But there is no place, any where, where The Gospel is preached, that Gods word is powerless.  Salvador Brazil is no exception.  I saw some of the most dramatic conversions I have ever seen in my life.  I witnessed the power of God smash the strongholds of satan, and they were many.  I saw the light of The Glorious Gospel penetrate the darkness of enemy territory and illuminate the hearts of men and women.

On several occasions I went into homes where the marriages were on the verge of divorce.  Alcohol and unfaithfulness are common in the neighborhoods we were in.  Somehow God gave me insight into the husbands.  I would walk right over to them and sit next to them or on the floor in front of them and I shared my struggles with alcohol before I knew Jesus as Savior.  I shared how God changed my heart and took away only the things that were killing me.  Grown men cried and held my hand as they prayed to God, to repent of their ways, to save them and to heal their families.  A husband and wife who wouldn’t talk with one another, now in each others arms agreeing to allow locals to come for follow up bible studies!

Victory over satan! A Family Restored!

In one case I shared with a man how God had changed my life.  I shared about our sin debt, our guilt, the innocence of Jesus, the One mediator whose shed blood was able to reconcile us back to God.  I spoke of repentance and crying out to The Lord for salvation.  All of this he understood but still he would not turn to Christ.  Why I asked?  “There are some things in my flesh I need to work on,” he said.  I shared some more with him how God delivered me from alcohol and smoking.  I asked him if he understood and could he tell me in his own words who Jesus was and why He came.  He answered correctly and he did not give a simple answer.  It was a very tender conversation.  Still he would not surrender to Jesus.  Same excuse: “Things I must work on in my flesh.”  I looked over to his wife.  Disappointment, disgust, anticipation.  I told him “you will fail.  You cannot fight the flesh with the flesh.  Your flesh is a slave to sin.  Sin has dominion over you.  Only Christ can free you from your sin.”  Still the same answer.  I responded “Let’s get real.  You love your sin.  You don’t want to give it up.”  His look said it all.  I told him I was going to leave, but first wanted to pray for him and his family.  As I was praying The Lord impressed me that there was a battle being waged for his soul.  Satan had him and did not want to let him go.  We prayed for God to destroy the works of the devil and to set this captive free.  One could feel The Holy Spirit tension in the air!  When I finished, turned and walked towards the door, I felt someone grab my arm from behind and say “I don’t want you to leave, I want to give my life to Jesus, I want Him to save me.”  The power of the devil had been broken in prayer!  He was gloriously saved and his wife was overcome with joy!  They hugged each other and cried.  We cried!  We knew we had seen a powerful work of God!

A wayward husband converts to Christ! Brokeness and restoration!

In another home I met a very poor woman.  After introductions, etc I asked her if I could share with her how God had changed my life.  As I shared the good news with her I asked her if she would like to know Jesus as her Savior?  Was there ever a time when she understood that Christ came because we were hopeless to pay for our own sins?  She said “No.”  I asked her “Do you understand what we’ve shared with you today?”  She replied  “Yes, I do.”   “Would you like to pray and call out to Christ to save you?”  Hesitation.  I said “I have not come here today to convert you to a denomination.  I have not come to make you religious but to make sure you really know Jesus.”  I asked her “If you died right now do you know where you would spend eternity?”  She answered, “I am the daughter of God.  I have a Bible, but I don’t read it.”   I replied “You say you’re the daughter of God, your Father has given you a love letter to show you how to come back home to Him, but you don’t read it.  Do you really believe your His daughter?”  Again, hesitation.  I shared more with her.  Still hesitation.  I could see she wanted to respond but something was holding her back.  Suddenly The Lord gave me wisdom.  I asked her, “Are you afraid to go against the church you were raised in because they told you if you ever leave this church you will go straight to hell?”  “Yes, I am afraid.”  I shared with her that church affiliation can not save us.  All the good deeds in the world don’t take away sin.  Without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin (Hebrews 9) and only One has innocent blood, only One could be an acceptable sacrifice to God.  I continued to explain to her: “We all have an incurable disease that will surely destroy us.  Why would you allow someone, anyone, to give you a band aid when you need a cure?  Jesus Christ is the cure for all of us.  Do you know you’ve been cured?”  Suddenly the light shone in the darkness.  The strongholds and imaginations had  been cast down.  Religion is not a substitute for a relationship.  She said “I would like to pray and ask Jesus to save me, I need Him!”

Typical Day's Evangelism Team

There were many stories from this trip.  I believe that personally I saw the need to stay in the conversation, be compassionate, be patient, listen to The Lord and discern what are the real obstacles in this persons life.  There are sometimes many layers that block the way to a persons heart.  But I can assure you that Romans 1:16 is true, “the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.”

We saw a few saved in our church preaching most every night.  But in one week, in house visits, one door at a time, my half of the teams, saw about 45 people give their lives to Jesus.  The other teams  bore fruit as well.  I do not know numbers.

On other trips, in other countries and in Brazil I have seen literally hundreds and thousands come to Christ.  But never more dramatic conversions than in these poor neighborhoods of Salvador.  God had me in school teaching me how to be a better witness for Him.  To Him be all The Glory!

A powerful servant at a young age! He made every house visit with the team!

We are now looking forward to Columbia in October.  Please pray for our team!

His Servant, who needs His mercy,