Our Ministry Style

Our style will be to worship The Lord in “spirit and in truth”.  Our worship setting will be relaxed but reverent, committed, serious minded, but also open to last minute changes if the Holy Spirit so prompts.

One of our priorities is to raise up men to “do the work of the ministry” and one way we can do this is to offer faithful men the opportunity to preach in our service.  This accomplishes at least 3 things:

  1. The body has a chance to hear from God through the hearts of more than 1 man.
  2. As men step out in faith and find God faithful, their vision of ministry for their lives increases and the Kingdom’s efforts multiply.
  3. Body life is enhanced as we exhort one another to be and do all that God wants.

We may not always be perfectly orchestrated, but our purpose is singular:

To manifest the incomparable glory of God!!

Our preaching will be both verse by verse and topical, as God leads.


Our Approach to Ministries

Ministries will be initiated by the burden of gifted individuals to do the work.  Ministries should not be coerced by guilt or shame but by gifting and burden, so as to enjoy and depend on the essential empowering of God through The Holy Spirit.  Every ministry should be filtered through the framework of the following questions:

  1. Is this a Biblical requirement or simply a preference or expectation?
  2. Is there a different or better way than the status quo?
  3. Has God supplied/provided the need and the means?
  4. Given the limitation of time, budget, space, etc, does this ministry have a definite, tangible, genuine, eternal consequence?
  5. Are our energies best utilized somewhere else?
  6. Are we making the best use of available money?  We need a budget that does not cripple our ability to be involved in real ministry that gets beyond the doors of our fellowship.  Being careful not to make infrastructure our goal, but only so much as it positively, not marginally, affects our goal to have eternal fruit from our efforts.
  7. Has this ministry been adequately bathed in prayer/prayerful consideration?

That By All Means We May Win Some

The church is a living dynamic organism.  As such it is not locked into a certain way.  Paul became ‘all things to all men’, we must seek to meet the people where we find them:

  • In the Kings palace
  • The temple clerk-tax collector
  • The prisoner
  • The drunk
  • The wounded neighbor on Jericho’s road
  • The religious Pharisee

We must attempt to be a Body where all are welcome.  Our message is tailored to the hearers, but it does NOT change.  ‘Love’ is not all you need. Only Jesus saves and He will save any and all who will come to Him!