Marshall’s Angola Ministry Report, 2008

Dear Friends,

These five men were moved by God to become evangelists to their own country

God is rapidly expanding our ministry opportunities for 2008.  In late January and early February I was invited to preach 1 of 5 simultaneous crusades being held in the 5 largest cities of Angola, Africa.  Angola has been for almost 30 years in a civil war and only for the last 2 years has there been a somewhat uneasy peace treaty.  It is still an unstable and volatile place to live.

Christian leaders there had asked Sammy Tippit Ministries to organize this mission endeavor.  I went with some awareness of entering the unknown, but knowing that we will never learn just how faithful God really is unless we walk thru the doors that He opens for us.

Angola is steeped in many occult practices and satan has a strong hold over many of the people there.  But God who is ‘rich in mercy’ demonstrated that there is no power on earth greater than Him.

Preaching the gospel in Angola- two interpreters

I was assigned to the city of Cabinda where the Christian work there is relatively young.  To assist me was a husband and wife team, Darlene and Billy, who were a real blessing!   Billy is a former country western singer who now does his best work in churches and on the mission field, rather than in the bar rooms.  Together we ministered in preaching, song and teaching, sharing about Christ whenever we had opportunity.  Darlene spoke to a woman’s group on forgiveness, sharing how God worked in her life to help her forgive the terrible times she suffered as a young woman.  Many were blessed because so many women overseas have experienced similar pain.  Billy led a youth rally, preached in a church meeting, and on radio. I shared with 55 pastors on the topic of ‘finishing our race strong,’ followed by a 1 hour of Q & A.  I also preached 3 nights at the crusade, where we saw God work powerfully.  Though only about 2000 were in attendance, 453 made professions of faith with several hundred more making decisions to renew their commitment to follow Jesus and ask for prayer!  Following each night’s service many approached me to share how God had spoke to them.  One group of 5 men even felt God was calling them to be evangelists to their people!  It was great!

We had an audience with the Governor who shared with me that he knew the physical reconstruction of the country after the war was only part of the solution.  He said he was glad we were there and felt like there could be no healing in his country without spiritual reconciliation. The pastors were very pleased and I left with an open invitation to return as soon as possible, which I would do if God allows.

The power of the gospel changes hearts

Let me close by saying that I believe with all my heart that God wants to be the same God to us that He is and was to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, and Elijah.  But how will we see that happen if we just live our lives and only know God vicariously through the stories of others.  When we were yet in our mother’s womb God knew us and fashioned our days.  And like a skilled potter he made us just right for the plans He had and has for us.

Look for Him, Listen for Him, Live for Him!

Needing His mercy, Expecting His best,



the pastors pose with Marshall at conclusion of conference

Hundreds respond to The Holy Spirit

With the Governor of Cabinda